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New Year Premiere Estate and Collection Auction (post-auction prices) Page 7

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Lot NumberDescriptionEstimated Selling PriceHammer Price

ARTISAN CLEAR CUT GLASS VASE, heavily cut with asymmetric design. Dimensions: 5"L x 3"W x 11"H. Condition Report $200 - $300$110

RIP CASWELL ORIGINAL BRONZE WILDLIFE SCULPTURE (Oregon, born 1962-active Rip Caswell Gallery, Troutdale, OR). Titled "Eagle Head," Bald Eagle; incised signature, Rip H. Caswell, (20)03, #108/150; mounted on round stone plinth. Dimensions: 7.5"L x 6.5"W x 10.75"H. $150 - $250$300

LUNDBERG STUDIOS, TWO ART GLASS VASES, having a green tear-drop design on iridescent gold field with iridescent purple rims. Heights 11.75" and 5.25" respectively. One signed indistinctly underfoot. Condition Report $150 - $250$90

THREE GERMAN HUMMEL PORCELAIN FIGURINES: "The Mail Is Here", HUM #226, TM-5 (1972-1978), 6.5"L; "Cowboy Corral", HUM #2021, TM-8 (2000-Present), 4.25"H; together with "Riding Lessons", HUM #2020, TM-8, 4.5"H. Condition Report $150 - $250$170

AUSTRIAN AMPHORA PORCELAIN VASE, with four handles, hand enameled decoration and gilt accents, by Reissner Stellmacher & Kessler Amphora Works, Turn-Teplitz, Bohemia. Height: 6.75 inches. Condition Report

$100 - $200$150

TEN MATCHBOX TOY VEHICLES IN MOKO LENSEY BOXES, including No's. 21 long distance coach, 36 Austin A50, 46 Pickfords removal van (new model), 51 Albion Chieftain, 53 Aston Martin, 58 BEA coach, (2) 59's Ford Thames vans (singer) (2) 69's Commer 30 CWT (Nestle's) vans. Condition Report $400 - $600$1200

ROBERT MACGINNIS WATERCOLOR ON PAPER (Oregon, 20th century) "Basket of Cherries" depicting a Native American basket filled with red cherries. Opening measures 15.75" x 22", signed "Robert MacGinnis" lower right and dated (19)89. Nicely matted and set in a wood frame. $200 - $300$110

SEMI-ANTIQUE PERSIAN HAMADAN AREA RUG, Hamadan tribal villages region, northwestern Iran, floral and central floral medallion design on dark blue ground, hand knotted, 3'4" x 5'0".

$100 - $150$100

FOUR LLADRO PORCELAIN FIGURINES, "Margaretta", #5063, 9.5"H; Girl Carrying Lamb, 10.5"H; "Bashful", #5007, 9.75"H; together with "Boy and Girl", #4874, 8"H. Condition Report $100 - $200$275

SILVER REPLICA U.S. ONE MILLION DOLLAR BILL by I.A.M. (International Association of Millionaires) by Artist/Designer/Founder Tari Steward, Series 1998, .999 fine silver. Weight: 124.0 grams.

$100 - $150$130

MARKLIN HR 846/4 TRAIN SET, 4-6-2 engine painted black and red, Tender, passenger cars include; 346/1 thru 346/4; Shell tanker car, covered depot bench, track sections include; 21 straight, 14 curves and two switches; push button block, all in original box. Lot includes Marklin super "280" transformer, manufactured circa 1950.

$400 - $600$200

TWO NATIVE AMERICAN MIXED MEDIAS: Laura Woolschlager (American, 20th century) with horse drawings, feathers and beads, image measures 21" x 11.5", signed lower left and set in a wood frame. The second is by Kathryn Yauney (American, 20th century) titled "Buffalo Horn Headdress", measuring 10" x 7", with brass plaque and set in an aluminum frame.

$100 - $150$150

GERMAN STERLING SILVER TRAY, double handled with baroque style, pierced rim. Dimensions: 11.75"L x 7.5"W. Weight: 7.94 troy ozs. Condition Report $150 - $250$225

TEN MATCHBOX TOY VEHICLES IN "A LENSEY PRODUCT" BOXES including; (2) No. 29 Austin A55 Cambridge,(2) No.33 Ford Zephyr 6 Mk III, (2) No.43 Aveling-Barford tractor shovels (color variations), (2) No.44 Rolls Royce Phantom V new model (color variations) and (2) No.46 Pickfords removal van (one blue one green). $200 - $300$550

LATE VICTORIAN ASHWOOD SIDEBOARD, American, late 19th century, having a mirror and open shelf top section over a 3-drawer, 2-door buffet base. Dimensions: 75"H x 43"W x 21.25"D. $160 - $250$150

FOUR GERMAN HUMMEL PORCELAIN FIGURINES: "Happy Days", #150, TM-1 & TM-2 (1935-1957), 6.25"L; "Nature's Gift", HUM #729, TM-7 (1991-2000), 3.75"H; "From Me to You", HUM #629, TM-7, 3.5"H; together with "One, Two, Three", HUM #555, TM-7, 4"H. Condition Report $100 - $200$80

COLLECTION OF FOUR ART GLASS PERFUMES, a set of two, blown glass, clear with green accents, and matching stoppers, 7.75" and 5.5"H; one clear cut glass bottle with stopper, 6.75"H; plus one iridescent blue glass with white feathering, 5"H. Condition Report $100 - $200$60

PAIR RIP CASWELL ORIGINAL BRONZE BOOKENDS (Oregon, born 1962-active Rip Caswell Gallery, Troutdale, OR); "Safari Club International Bookends", Water buffalo trophy heads, each mounted on hardwood. Dimensions (not including foot): 4.5"L x 4.5"W x 9.25"H. $150 - $200$180

HAND KNOTTED ORIENTAL AREA RUG, Indo-French, overall floral vine decoration on khaki ground, 3'11" x 5'11". $150 - $200$120

TEN MATCHBOX TOY VEHICLES including No's; 1 diesel road roller, 2 Muir-Hill dumper, 3 cement mixer, 3 Bedford tipper truck, 7 Ford Anglia, 8 Caterpillar tractor, 9 Fire truck, 10 sugar container, 12 Land Rover and 16 Scammell "Mountaineer" snow plough; all with boxes. $180 - $250$400

GARNET, AMETHYST, CITRINE AND GARNET RING, seven pear-cut garnets, seven round-cut and a round-cut blue topaz. Ring size: 8. $200 - $300$170

TRIPLE STRAND PEARL NECKLACE, with three strands of well matched white pearls coming together with a 14k yellow gold clasp. Condition Report $200 - $300$100

TEN MATCHBOX TOY VEHICLES, including two each of numbers; 53 Mercedes-Benz coupe, 57 Chevrolet Impala (new model), 58 Drott excavator, 59 Ford Fairlane (fire chiefs car), 69 Commer 30 CWT (Nestle's) van; all with boxes. Condition Report $300 - $400$700

FORTY-EIGHT BOTTLES OF SALISHAN VINEYARDS WASHINGTON STATE PINOT NOIR, vintages: 1982 (12), 1990 (24) and 1992 (12). $250 - $350$350

SUSAN PEAR MEISEL COLOR LITHOGRAPH (American, born 1947) "Bethesda Fountain, Central Park". Image measures 19.5" x 24.5", pencil signed lower right and numbered 216/275. Nicely matted and framed. $100 - $150$110

FOUR PIECES MURANO ART GLASS, set of (2) fruit: pear, 6.5"H, and apple, 4.75"H; and (2) bowls, oval, 7.75"L x 6"W, and heart shaped bowl, 5"L x 5.25"W. Condition Report $100 - $150$70

FRENCH STYLE OAK CHINA CABINET ON CABINET, Continental, mid-20th century. Dimensions: 72.75"H x 49.5"W x 16.75"D. $100 - $150$200

CHINESE POTTERY VASE, with incised floral and scrolling foliage design. Height: 12 inches. Condition Report $150 - $200$100

COLLECTION OF TWENTY-FIVE MATCHBOX VEHICLES: #6 Euclid Dump Truck, #10 Mechanical Horse & Trailer, #15 Rotinoff Super Atlantic Tractor, #17 Hoveringham Tipper, #21 Bedford Duple Luxury Coach, #23 Berkley Cavalier, #25 Ford Cortina, #27 Mercedes 230 SL. #29 Austin A55 Cambridge, #30 Ford Perfect, #31 Lincoln Continental, #33 Karrier Refuse Collector, #39 Ford Tractor, #1 Road Roller, #3 Cement Mixer, #5 Routemaster, #8 Caterpillar D8, #9 Merryweather Marquis Series III Fire Engine, #20 "ERF" 68G Truck, #26 Foden Cement Mixer, #28 Thames Trader Compressor Truck, #32 Jaguar XXK140, #33 Ford Zodiac, #36 Austin A50, and #37 Karrier Bantam 2 Ton.

$300 - $400$550

AN INLAID OAK DRESSING TABLE, Continental, early 20th century, the rectangular top with oval tilt mirror centered above and fitted with a large single drawer across the front; 54.5"H x 43"W x 21.75"D. $110 - $160$180

FIGURAL BRONZE LAMP TABLE, featuring three standing winged cupid figures supporting a round glass top. Dimensions: 24"H x 27"D.

$130 - $180$300

NATIVE AMERICAN INDIAN SQUASH BLOSSOM NECKLACE, c. 1950's. Hand crafted silver set with blue turquoise cabochon stones. Length 18 inches.

$100 - $150$225

TEN GERMAN HUMMEL PORCELAIN FIGURINES: "May Dance", #791, TM-8 (2001-Present), 7.5"H; "Cinderella", HUM #337, TM-6 (1979-1990), 4.75"H;"The Run-a-way", HUM #327, TM-6, 5.5"H; "Joyful", HUM #53, TM-2 (1950-1956), 4"H; "Little Drummer", HUM #240, TM-6, 4.5"H; "Forever Yours", HUM #793, TM-7 (1991-2000), 4"H; "Puppet Princess", HUM #2103/A, TM-8 (2001-Present), 3.75"H; "For Keeps", HUM #630, TM-7, 3.75"H; "I Brought You a Gift", HUM # 479, TM-6, 4"H; together with "Girl With Sheet Music", HUM #389, TM-6, 2.75"H. Condition Report $200 - $300$140

A STAINED AND LEADED GLASS WINDOW PANEL, English, late 19th/early 20th century, centering a painted and leaded glass portrait panel of a man with plumed helmet. Overall dimensions: 49.5"L x 32"W. $100 - $150$150

HEINZ ART DECO STERLING ON BRONZE PEN TRAY AND FOUR BLOTTER CORNERS. The tray 10" by 3" incised Heinz sterling on bronze. c. 1930. Condition Report $150 - $250$140

CAROL GRIGG WATERCOLOR ON PAPER (Portland, Oregon, born 1942) "Song of the Watermaker", a Native American on horseback. Paper measures 22.5" x 30", faintly signed "Carol Grigg" lower right. Set in an aluminum frame. $200 - $300$200

FEDERAL STYLE MAHOGANY TRIPOD TEA TABLE, Brandt Furniture Co., Hagerstown, Maryland, mid-20th century, having a round top over tripod pedestal base. Dimensions: 28.75"H x 33"D. $150 - $200$80

TEN GERMAN HUMMEL PORCELAIN FIGURINES: (3) TM-1 1935-1949): "Star Gazer", HUM #132, 4.5"H; "Trumpet Boy", HUM #97, 5"H; and "Skier", HUM #59, 5.5"H; (2) TM-2 (1950-1956): "Little Fiddler", HUM #4, 5.25"H; and "Dealer's Plaque", HUM #209, 3.75"H; (1) TM-4 (1964-1971): "Birthday Serenade", HUM #218/2/0, 4.5"H; (3) TM-8 (2000-Present): "A Sweet Offering", HUM #549/3/0, 3.25"H; "Flute Song", HUM #407, 6"H; "European Wanderer", HUM 2060, 3.5"H; and "First Mate", HUM #2148/8, 3.75"H. Condition Report $250 - $350$750

OAK DRAW-LEAF DINING TABLE AND FOUR CHAIRS, English, early 20th century, the square table fitted with two draw leaves and stands on four bulbous legs secured with crossed stretchers. Table dimensions: 30.75"H x 35.75"W x 36"L + two 12" leaves - 60" extended length.

$200 - $300$425

GREEK STERLING SILVER BUD VASE, having relief floral design, marked Xeipoe, 925. Height: 5.5". Weight: 4.16 troy ozs. Condition Report $100 - $200$150

HAND KNOTTED ORIENTAL CARPET, Indo-Persian, floral Kashan design on celadon ground, 10'0" x 14'3". Purchased new at Smith's Home Furnishings for $7,150. See original tag under one corner.

$700 - $900$400

SAPPHIRE AND EIGHTEEN KARAT GOLD RING. The white gold domed ring is set with 63 round-cut blue sapphires together weighing approximately 3.12 cts. Ring size: 4. $200 - $300$250

PAIR OF SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND EARRINGS, each 14k white gold set with seven table-cut blue sapphires and 16 round-cut diamonds. Total estimated weight for all 14 sapphires: 1.00 cts.; all 32 diamonds: 0.25 ct. $500 - $700$200

DIAMOND AND WHITE GOLD PENDANT NECKLACE, suspended on an 18" chain is a heart pendant covered with pave' set diamonds together weighing approximately 0.30 ct. All 14k white gold. $400 - $600$475

PATINATED BRONZE FROG FOUNTAIN SCULPTURE, the large bullfrog leaping from verdis pond foliage in pursuit of a dragonfly, and plumbed for water flow from the frog's mouth. Height 26.25 inches. $150 - $200$275

FOUR ART GLASS AND CRYSTAL CONTEMPORARY PIECES: a signed Williams '79 glass bud vase with internal bubbles and interior extensions, pale green, height 5.50"; paper weight titled "The Glass Eye" MSN 1989; crystal bud vase, 5.50" tall, signed indistinctly; and a shoe-shaped art glass vase having internal clouded blue, green and caramel tones, length 8.50". Condition Report $100 - $200$50

A PAIR OF ROSE LEATHER RETRO ARMCHAIRS, Fishels Contemporary Home Furnishings, Portland, Oregon, 1999.

$300 - $400$550

THREE-PIECE LIVING ROOM TABLE SET, Fishels Contemporary Furnishings, Portland, Oregon, recent, comprising: round cocktail table, round 2-tier lamp table, and square cabinet end table with raised square glass top. Respective table diameters: 42, 24 and 24 inches.

$150 - $200$900

VICTORIAN ENGLISH STERLING TRI-FOOTED BOWL, floral repousse design and lion head masks, raised on three legs; hallmarked British sterling, city London, year 1860, maker Robert Harper. Dimensions: 4"D x 2.25"H. Weight: 5.48 troy ozs.

$150 - $250$200

RIP CASWELL ORIGINAL BRONZE WILDLIFE SCULPTURE (Oregon, born 1962-active Rip Caswell Gallery, Troutdale, OR). Titled "A Sense of Curiosity", Otter; incised signature, Rip Caswell, (20)01, #20/75; mounted on round stone plinth. Dimensions: 6.5"D x 7.75"H. $120 - $180$500

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